Samantha Constable is an incredible mash up of creativity, culture and fashion. 
Samantha graduated with a BA Fashion Design at LISOF, and ended up as a finalist in ELLE New Talent, which immediately began her illustrious career in Fashion, under her eponymous label. 
Before making a return to Styling, Samantha was Creative Director of Rossimoda, at the height of Shkothane culture, which gave her unique insight into local trends and street culture. Something she is passionate about, and loves the opportunity to recreate on set.

"Samantha’s contribution doesn’t just start on set, because of her background in Fashion/Footwear Design and production, her creativity goes beyond just assembling looks. If she can't source it, she'll make it. 
When Samantha comes to set, she brings with all of her experience from the catwalk, running a label, and leading the brand that impacted South African advertising. 
At her core Samantha is a multifaceted, thoroughbred creative. A keen storyteller, an unrelenting crafter, a disciple for detail. She is passionate, resourceful and dedicated.  
Samantha is an asset to every production she works on."
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